Constitutional contrarianism

September 3, 2008

Ah, the grand old party, always good for a double standard. They believe in the infalability of the founders and the constitution. No one is infalable, but that’s not my point.

Many of these same people believe that “intelligent design,” which is read creationism pretending to be science, should be taught in public schools. All I want to ask these people is, do you believe in the seperation of church and state? If not, and your religion should be the dominant one, then how can we be the home of the free, who are guranteed religious freedom? Oh yes, practice what religion you want, but here learn about our Christian god in your schools. Even if I bought the argument that it should, wouldn’t all religions that are represented in this country (including Hinduism, Muslim, and Wiccan) have to be included with their creation myths or theories or stories or whatever you want to call it?

I know I’m not breaking new ground with saying the argument for intelligent design is beyond ridiculous, but it’s just pissing me off, and I thought I’d share.


He’s back, thanks to the DNC

August 27, 2008

Well, dear readers (hi dad, hi Sandy, I think that’s everyone…), after a long dry spell, I have returned. I have had many thoughts that I wanted to get out there, but I’m both busy and a lazy bastard.

Last night I watched the Democratic National Convention (big surprise, I am a bit of a wonk wannabe). There were quite a few impressive speeches, one of my favorites being the speech by Gov Janet Napalitano of Arizona. I’ve been a big fan of hers for quite some time, and always enjoy how brassy and personable she is while grasping issues better then most people in the country. Tuesday also featured a very good keynote address by former Virginia Gov Mark Warner. You all know this already, and almost no one cares.

Why don’t they care? Why it’s because some obscure junior senator from New York gave a speech as well. Yes friends, the much anticipated address by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. I was a little doubtful, but I must say, she did very well. If she spoke like that during the campaign, I believe she would be speaking on the last night of the convention if you get my drift. She was empassioned, harsh against McCain, praising of Obama, and openly told her former (and current) supporters that the race was not about her, it was about getting a Democrat in the white house.

So I should be happy smiley David, right? Wrong. The press (who do love a scandal) are reporting about the die hard Hillary supporters who say after that speech that Obama must make Clinton his running mate. I have given a name to these supporters. I call them the “FUCK YOU Joe Biden” movement. Why do I say this? Could it be because Barack Obama already picked a running mate? I think it could be.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know everything about Joe Biden. Here’s what I do know. Based on his record, he is a strong supporter of womens rights, environmental rights, reproductive rights, education, health care, and while he at one point voted against gay marriage (11 years ago) has since said he supports civil unions and feels gay marriage is an inevitability. Not as ardent as I’d like, but he’s a politician, I’ll take it.

Still they say, “He needs Hillary to unite the country”. That can be read as, “FUCK YOU Joe!”

McCain claims to be the straight talk express, and claims to be the master of foreign policy. Joe Biden has spent years as the head of the foreign relations committee, and was invited by the government of Georgia to help sort out their mess. As for straight talk, Joe Biden is famous for saying exactly what his on his mind. He puts his foot in his mouth on a daily basis, he doesn’t mince words, he just says what he’s thinking. Honestly, I’ll take that over someone with just talking points.

The Hillary people say, we need her! Read as, “FUCK YOU Joe!”

What I say to these people as artfully and diplomatically as I can, FUCK YOU!

Hillary Clinton lost. She was not selected as the vice president. She specifically told Obama not to vet her unless she was guranteed the spot. Obama would have been a fool to consider only one person, he made the right move. Do these people really want to go and support Jon McCain out of some bitter need for revenge? What abou a womans right to choose? What about universal health coverage? What about an improved educational system? What about research into alternative energies?

Oh, you don’t care about these things…? Then what the hell were you doing voting for Hillary Clinton? Ovaries are no more reason to vote for someone then them being black, or white for that matter! Vote on issues, vote on character, and if your candidate is out, do what I did when I voted for John Kerry in 2004, vote for the person who has a chance of improving the country, or at least not running it into the ground.

Stop whining, grow up, and please for the love of all that is good in this country, just stop talking.


Presidential Politics

February 7, 2008

So, Mitt Romney has just dropped out of the Republican presidential primary. Mike Huckabee is at best a near impossibility, and Romney won’t endorse him (too much personal dislike) so the Republican’s will have Senator John McCain of Arizona as their nominee.

 I talked to my father about that. His take was that McCain is trying to play ‘stay the course’ with Bush tactics so he’ll be an easy take down like any of the others would be. People are tired of Bush and politics as usual and they will sweep out the Republicans. Ok, I overstated that, but you get the idea.

My only problem with this statement is how wrong it is. With all love and affection for my dear father, here’s the real situation.

John McCain is, as of now, ahead of Hillary Clinton in a head to head match up. He has very strong appeal to independents and even some moderate democrats, and Hillary Clinton has little to no cross over appeal. On the other hand, Obama has excellent cross over appeal as well. I have not seen the current polls about an Obama v. McCain match up, so I won’t go into too much detail.

American’s are tired of the war, that much is obvious. However, Romney said when he stepped out of the race today “In this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.” American’s are tired of war but does that mean rhetoric does not work. Who wants to let the terrorists win? Who wants this country to back down? Who wants to admit that the United States isn’t the strongest country in the world?

Are these BS arguments? Absolutely. It does not mean that they do not work however. Many patriotic people feel part of that pride due to the strength and the fairness of the United States. Who could say defeating terrorists and freeing Iraqi’s (or Iranian’s) is anything but fair? There is the bill of goods that we will be sold.

The thing is, with moderates and independents John McCain has a huge voting block. That’s how he won the nomination. Also, do you think for one moment that the conservatives who despise him so much wouldn’t hold their noses and pull the lever for John McCain? Of course they will.

Another argument could be that the conservatives will back off and let McCain fail because it will re-energize the base and they will come back stronger in four years. After the example of the 2004 presidential election, they know that there are enough unforseen circumstances in the future that they can’t risk it. What if, god forbid, there was another terrorist attack on US soil. Not only that, but what if a president Obama or Clinton responded admirably and strongly and convinced people that Democrats (I won’t say liberals, Hillary has never been one of us) are strong on defense. Heaven forfend.

Ranting, raving, blowing steam out my ears as usual. This is however, another reason I feel it is so important right now to support Barack Obama. We can not continue on the path that we have been set upon. This war is not our destiny. If it is, then I believe that we as a country are strong enough to stand up, and shake our fist in the face of destiny and make it change.

No more war for political gain. No more war for oil. Never again will we use war and terrorism and suffering for our own elections. This is a new time, this is the dawn of a new day when I hope and pray there will be honesty and transperency and even hope (that buzzword of all buzzwords) in our government, our politicans, and our people again.

 John Lenon said it best. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

At least, I hope I’m not


I’m rather dumb

February 7, 2008


February 6, 2008

Today is Mardi Gras, which most people know means fat Tuesday. It is also super Tuesday, for all us political geeks.

Does that make this Super Fat Tuesday? One of those cosmic questions.
It’s going to be a late night waiting for all the returns to come in. I’m sure I won’t know about the delegate count until tomorrow, but so far Obama seems to be doing well. We shall see.


Senator Obama

January 17, 2008

I have heard a lot of criticism of Senator Barack Obama as of late. Most of it seems to be coming from Hillary Clinton supporters. Here’s the bit that irks me, the people say that some of us plan to vote from him because we think he’s cool or we want him to be our “hip black friend.” That is such bull.

I was born in 1982. For those of you who are mathematically challenged, that means I never had anyone like John or Bobbie Kennedy. When Barack Obama speaks, I feel hope. When he speaks, I feel excited about the future of our country. I am only twenty five years old, surely that is too young to be a cynic, but I am one anyways. I have followed politics since I heard Bruce Springsteen announce Bill Clinton’s victory in the 92 election here in Milwaukee (what a way to hear the news) but I’ve always felt jaded and dissolusioned with almost all the political leaders we have in the country (exception for Senator Feingold). What is wrong with having a candidate, who when he speaks, makes me feel as if for once we can toss of the chains of the status quo. I feel hopeful that maybe, for once, we can actually do something in this country that has not been homogenized down to the lowest common denominator. Now, do I know that he can deliver all these things I feel when I hear him? Of course not.

But what’s wrong with wanting hope?


This could be awesome news

January 16, 2008

Ok, shock of the century, I am far from Republican. I am a proud liberal. It isn’t a dirty word, and if it was, then I would be a dirty mo fo.
So, 4 Republican primaries so far (ok, 3 and one caucass). Of the 4, one barely counts (Wyoming). Of the other three, Huckabee has won once, McCain has won once, and now Romey has won once. They move down to South Carolina next, where Fred Thompson has pretty strong support. Can he win there? I don’t know, but he has a shot. Not long after is Florida. Guess who has a good shot in Florida? That’s right, Mr. Campaigning on 9-11, Rudy Giuliani.

 This could forseeably turn into a Republican convention with no candidate. If they are at a stale mate, what would happen. My money is on a vicious convention with backbiting hoping for the victory. Most see Giulliani as too liberal (one of the best jokes I’ve ever heard). Huckabee is a religious extremist, which they may fear in courting moderates. McCain is pro-war at a time when the country is anything but. Governor Romney, well, too be frank all the other candidates can’t stand him. He really is hated. I almost feel bad for him.

In this beautiful situation, whichever candidate gets the nomination will come out of the convention bloodied from the victory, and with a great deal of ill will. This already seems like a year where the Democrats have a great chance of taking back the White House, but that could be the final nail in the coffin.

 Now all we have to do is make sure Hillary doesn’t get the nod. I know all the candidates will do anything to win, but she seems too political, even for my taste.

Something I heard over a year ago, I still believe it. “He’s ready, why wait, Obama, 08”

Here’s to you Mr. President.